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Ad Hoc Facility Naming Committee

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The naming of land, buildings, and facilities is an important element in the character of any community.  The people selected to have their name placed in such a fashion says as much about the spirit and commitment of the citizens as about the honoree.  Because naming facilities is so important to the City Council, it was determined that a process be developed to ensure that the public, as well as the Council, has an opportunity to give input in the course of naming a specific parcel of land, City building , or other City facility.

The City Council Ad Hoc Naming of Public Facilities Committee was convened several times in 2008 to develop formal policies for consideration of:

1.   Appropriate name for City-owned land, buildings and facilities

2.   Whether, and under what circumstances, such land, buildings, and facilities should be named or renamed in honor of individuals; and

3.   The duration of naming rights of City-owned land, buildings and facilities.

This policy, now set by Resolution, is applicable to all City departments and offices responsible directly to the City Manager.  It is also requested that elective offices and other independent offices and departments of the City comply with these procedures in the interest of consistency.

The process for facility naming is a work in progress.  The City would hope that any citizen with information about facilities already named would share that information with City staff.  We are always interested including new data as well as updating information currently online.  If you have something that could be added to the facility naming web page, please contact:

Viet Hoang
Torrance City Manager's Office
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 618-5880

Councilmember Gene Barnett
Councilmember Heidi Ann Ashcraft
Councilmember Kurt Weideman

Viet Hoang
Eleanor B. Jones

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