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Doubletree Hotel Torrance/South Bay may have changed its name after operating as Hilton Hotel for 13 years but its commitment to serving the community never wavered.  With its 44% growth in revenue over five years, Doubletree has been a key factor in the City's revenue stream - the source of funding for numerous programs, activities, services and facilities.

Aware of its important role in the community, the hotel continuously strives for success with efforts rooted in helping others succeed, in a philosophy of teamwork that "together, everyone achieves more."  And for Doubletree, "everyone" means everyone when it comes to working together to achieve more.  Each year, Doubletree partners with non-profit or service organizations and other businesses to ensure that the City of Torrance continues to thrive; that life in the Torrance community is truly rich by helping others provide their service, reach their goals, and make their vision reality.