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Community Development
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Community Development - Permits and Mapping

The Permits and Mapping Division provides a full range of services:

  • Provides permits for work conducted in the Public-Right-of-Way including
  • Houses a library of
    • Right-of-Way Maps
    • Subdivision & County Assessor Maps
    • Sewer Basemaps and details
    • Storm Water Basemaps and details
    • Torrance Water Basemap and details
    • Petroleum Lines Base Maps and details
    • Survey Information
    • Flood Zone Maps
  • The center for Torrance's award winning GIS for Computer Generated Maps and Aerial Photos
  • Sale of Public Works Construction Standard Plans
  • Generates Encroachment Agreements for obstructions in the Right of Way
  • Provides License Agreements for franchises in the Right of Way

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    General Information

    All construction and excavation (C&E) or lane closure permit requests require the following information   Permit requests for Refuse Receptacle (Dumpster) placement require the following information
    • Name of dumpster company (which should be licensed to do work in the City of Torrance)
    • Location
    • Size of Dumpster

    Street Use Permits for Oversized loads can also be obtained when travelling through Torrance. A completed Street Use Form must be signed by the Police department to be approved. The cost is $29 for one time use and $61 for annual use. Proof of insurance must be provided if it is not currently on file.   For more information on the following, please click on the link. For further questions you may call us directly at 310-618-5898.
    • Application for Encroachment Permit (The following form may be used to begin the process of obtaining a permit to encroach into, upon or over the property or right-of-way of the City of Torrance. Examples of the type of construction you would need this permit for would be: Erecting a fence at the back of a sidewalk (property lines typically are a minimum of one foot behind the sidewalk), erecting an awning over display windows at a business or when parts any part of a structure protrudes into the public right-of-way. To begin this process, download this file and fill out the enclosed form. Print the form and mail it along with a check for $112 (investigation and processing), mail to: City of Torrance, Community Development Department: 3031 Torrance Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503, Attn: Permit Section.
      A receipt will be mailed back to you as confirmation that your application has been received. Be sure to include a day time phone number with your application. Any further questions you may have concerning this process can be answered by calling the permit section at (310) 618-5898.)
    • Monitoring License Agreements
    • License Agreements for Conduits for Private Use
    • Encroachment Agreements for Telecommunication Lines
    • Contractor's Qualification List
    • Work Not Requiring a Permit