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Downtown Torrance Signage Standards

All signs erected, maintained or located in the Redevelopment Project Area, shall comply with the provisions described herein.  In circumstances where said provisions do not address a particular aspect of signage, the Sign Ordinance of the City of Torrance will take precedence.

The Downtown Design Manual shall be used as a guideline for establishing aesthetic standards.  No sign shall be erected or altered before acquiring a sign permit.  Moreover, no sign permit shall be issued for any additional sign or alterations to existing signs until all signs on the property or development conform to said provisions.

The Standards cover the following:

. Definitions
. Types Permitted
. Types not Permitted
. Signage Area
. Second Story Signage
. Colors
. Multi-Tenant Building
. Non-Conforming Signs
. Exceptions for Arterial Streets

Downtown Torrance Signage Standards