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Torrance Marriott:
3635 Fashion Way
Torrance, CA 90503

Throughout the changes in the past 22 years, Torrance Marriott has remained constant in its contribution to the Torrance community. Often, Marriott is in the background, or shall we say, the backdrop for other events and experiences to happen. Torrance Marriott has willingly offered its awesome facilities and services to help out the community. The relentless effort that its management and staff put forth in improving its business, in building good relations with the community, emphasizes the company's investment in the community in the long-term. Torrance Marriott, one of the major hotels in Torrance, is no ordinary hotel. It's a community partner, committed to serve not just the hospitality industry, but also the community of Torrance! 

City of Torrance is proud to award Torrance Marriott for its excellence in demonstrating sustained success through partnerships, innovative strategies and continuous effort toward progress throughout the years.