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190th Street Rehabilitation, T-49


The south half of 190th Street, between Hawthorne Boulevard and the west city limit, is owned by the City of Torrance, while the north half is owned by the City of Redondo Beach.  The City of Torrance completed roadway improvement design and construction to the south half of 190th St in December 2008, with a budget of $1,650,000.  The City of Redondo Beach completed construction of the north half of 190th St in December 2007.

In addition, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works worked with both the cities of Torrance and Redondo Beach to improve traffic capacity and circulation at the intersections of 190th St/Anza Ave and 190th St/Inglewood Ave.  Improvements completed in Spring 2008 included dual westbound left-turn lanes and a designated eastbound right-turn lane at Anza Ave, and dual eastbound left-turn lanes at Inglewood Ave.  Upgrades were also made to synchronize traffic signals on the 190th St corridor through Torrance, Redondo Beach, and cities further to the east.

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Click here for the project map (.pdf).