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 | How to Care for a Newly Planted Tree
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When the City or its contractor removes a City tree, the tree will be replaced as soon as manpower and equipment are available.  When a new tree is planted, it needs special care to insure its health and to make sure it thrives.

To insure proper growth, the tree should be watered once a week (twice a week in dry, hot weather) for the first six months.

After six months, deep water every two or three weeks as needed by using a garden hose to fill a dirt basin at the bottom of the tree.  Reduce water to a trickle so the basin doesn't overflow.  Water for 40 minutes for sandy soil or an hour for adobe soil.

To insure that water penetrates to the roots of the tree, keep the dirt basin around the tree.

Do not fertilize for at least three (3) months after planting.

For additional maintenance such as staking or trimming, call the Streetscape Division of the Public Works Department at 1-310-781-6900 during regular business hours.

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