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 | Committees of the City Council

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CITIZEN DEVELOPMENT AND ENRICHMENT          Chair: Weideman          Members:  Griffiths, Barnett
Has jurisdiction over matters related to library services, parks, recreation, cultural enrichment programs, educational systems and school district liaison, community relations, senior citizen and youth programs, and employment opportunities.

COMMUNITY PLANNING AND DESIGN          Chair: Griffiths         Members:  Ashcraft, Goodrich
Has jurisdiction over General Plan review and implementation, redevelopment, zoning and land use matters and environmental matters relating thereto.

EMPLOYEE RELATIONS and PUBLIC SAFETY          Chair: Ashcraft         Members: Rizzo, Griffiths
Has jurisdiction over matters relating to Civil Service methods of employment, and affirmative action goals and employer/employee relations, including wages, hours and working conditions of City employees. Also has jurisdiction over matters relating to crime prevention and law enforcement, fire protection and rescue, fire prevention and suppression, building safety and code enforcement, oil safety matters, solid waste collection and disposal, water system operations, waste water collection and disposal, streets trees and maintenances thereof, street cleaning, and animal control.

FINANCE AND GOVERNMENTAL OPERATIONS          Chair: Barnett         Members: Rizzo, Goodrich
Has jurisdiction over matters relating to accounting, auditing, budget procedures, disbursement of City funds, franchises, licensing, alternative revenue and taxation matters, capital improvements and efficiency of municipal operations.

STRATEGIC PLAN          Chair: Goodrich         Members: Weideman, Barnett
Has jurisdiction over policy matters related to the Strategic Plan implementation and accomplishments, and oversight of Plan updates as defined in the adopted Strategic Plan.

TRANSPORTATION         Chair: Rizzo         Members: Weideman, Ashcraft
Has jurisdiction over matters relating to ground and air transportation systems, street circulation and environmental consequences thereof.

City Council Special Standing Committees

Chair: Kurt Weideman   Members: Tim Goodrich, Geoff Rizzo 

Chair: Mayor Patrick J. Furey Members: Gene Barnett, Kurt Weideman, Geoff Rizzo (Alt)


Chair: Mayor Patrick J. Furey Members: Heidi Ann Ashcraft, Tim Goodrich, Geoff Rizzo (Alt)