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*Definitions *Application Requirements *Fees
*Location Requirements *Insurance *Conditions of Use

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1. All fees are payable at the time the film permit application is submitted.

2. Fees are determined based on the scope of the event, based on the type of filming (motion films, commercial still shoots, student / nonprofit films), location (City property or private property), number of days, etc.

3. Location fees will be charged for filming at public locations in the City, including parks, reservoirs, recreational facilities, the cultural arts center, the city hall, libraries, airports, and any events requiring lane closure or intermittent traffic control.

4. The Production Organization is responsible for paying all fees related to City personnel that are assigned to assist or provide security and protection for all filming activities.

5. Additional fees may apply for any major revisions or changes in a permit, cancellation of a permit, and violation of a permit.