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If bees are located on City property, please call the Public Works Department to investigate the need for a bee keeper and to confirm that the bees are on City property.  If there is a serious problem after normal business hours, please call the Torrance Police Department at 1-310-328-3456.  Please be aware that bees frequently swarm through an area and are gone quickly.  Please call only if the bees seem to be nesting or building a hive.

If bees are located on private property, the property owner is responsible for the cost of bee removal.  Below is a list of bee keepers.  Residents may also look in the yellow pages under bee keepers or pest control.  Make sure any company or individual you hire has a Torrance Business License. The company/individual should be able to tell you if the license is current.

Residents who call bee keepers or pest control will be responsible for any incurred expenses. 


County Vector Control:  Phone 1-310-915-7370.  L.A. Vector Control will come to private property if bees are not inside a structure.  If bees are within a structure, the resident will have to hire a private exterminator.


Private Exterminators/Handlers:


Don Sorensen (Interior/Exterior)

Bee n' Wasp Nest Removal Service

Torrance, CA

Phone 1-310-316-9961


The above list is for the convenience of Torrance residents and is not an endorsement by the City of Torrance.  Companies are not listed in any preferential order.