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4.0 - Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting System

Public Resources Code, Section 21081.6 (Assembly Bill 3180) requires that mitigation measures identified in environmental review documents prepared in accordance with CEQA are implemented after a project is approved.  Therefore, this Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP) has been prepared to ensure compliance with the adopted mitigation measures during the pre-construction, construction, and post-construction phases of the Del Amo Boulevard Extension Project.   

The City of Torrance (City) is the agency responsible for implementation of the mitigation measures identified in the EIR.  This MMRP provides the City with a convenient mechanism for quickly reviewing all the mitigation measures including the ability to focus on select information such as timing.  The MMRP includes the following information for each mitigation measure:

  • the phase of the project during which the required mitigation measure must be implemented;
  • the phase of the project during which the required mitigation measure must be monitored;
  • the enforcement agency; and
  • the monitoring agency.

The MMRP also includes a checklist to be used during the mitigation monitoring period.  The checklist will verify the name of the monitor, the date of the monitoring activity, and any related remarks for each mitigation measure.  

Table 4-1.  Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program